Sampler motifs for use in crazy quilting

Sampler motifs for use in crazy quilting

Thanks everyone for the comments on yesterdays post. I thought I was over reacting. I love needlework samplers. I have been poking about the sampler and freebie cross stitch sites as small cross stitch and even weave motifs can be worked on crazy quilting blocks using the waste canvas method. I liked these French sampler motifs because I like the bee!

Annie Cicatelli has also published some free cross stitch designs that can be used as either bands or part of a border but I see some of them as seam embellishments in crazy quilting. I see possibilities for these free easter egg designs too. Debbie Draper has published a small sampler chart parts or sections of such charts can also be used as small motifs.

These are just a few items – there are heaps of freebies online for cross stitch patterns which can be used this way.

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