Take a Term for the Verse

Take a Term for the Verse

At one stage in my life I was a bookseller. I cracked up when I read Steve Mauer’s Take a Term for the Verse . Described as a listing of commonly used terms within the book community it is a highly amusing yet accurate description of terms.

Here is an example: “Binding. Most books are described as cloth or boards. It simply indicates a hard back casing. Wrappers refers to books which are not hard bound. It is also a more expensive way of describing a paperback. Leather bound books correctly implies the use a dead animal of some sort. Calf bindings are made from the hides of dead calves (take a deep breathe and work through it). Vellum (a whitish, almost translucent material) is usually derived from goat or lamb entrails. Bibliophiles have been known to spend many a drunken hour deliberating whether or not the unfortunate animal need be unborn or not to qualify as true vellum. As far as we are concerned, only Lambchop should care.”

If you love books, haunt second hand bookshops, trawl online booksellers, and read catalogues for fun take a look at this site.

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