A Guide to Snowflakes

A Guide to Snowflakes

I know that people believe that Australia does not see snow. I hate to shatter a good advertising campaign but it does, in fact snow in some places. We even have a sky season. Canberra usually has a bit of snow each winter and the mountain range that is the back drop to the city the Brindabellas always has snow in winter.

Even though we do get snow it is still enough of a thrill to me at the thought that every snowflake is unique. A Guide to Snowflakes is a site that explores everything you could possibly want to know about snowflakes. Take a look at the systems of classification for snowflake formations, these would make a great design source.

The site also houses information on the basic forms and physics of snowflakes and a section on ‘designer’ snowflakes. Don’t miss the fantastic photos as a design resource in the photo collections and the information on how to photograph snowflakes. (Tricky – I don’t think I will be trying it)


  1. Hi Sharon, I’m ashamed to say, I was one of those misguided people, believing it was always hot in Australia and that snowflakes would never dare to fall there!

    And while reading your post today, despite my assumptions being shattered ;), you have inspired me to do a “Peacock In The Snow” CQ Block to add to my Peacock series! It’s funny where inspiration comes from sometimes!

    Thanks Sharon!

  2. hi, i found you through google… i was looking for embroidery tutorials and how stitches work… and found your site… which i am so very happy.. saved it and just wanted to say hi and to also thank you for having such a great site of how stitches work and how to do them with pics… great!! all the best!! thx

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