On the mend and the sun is out

Thankyou for a all the get well soon messages, I have been reading them. After Arlee’s chant left in the comments today I figured I had better at least let people know how I am. As people might have guessed I have not been well at all the cold is a flu and it shifted to my chest. Also it’s the time of year that it is not possible really to take time off work so I have been dragging myself in to work and then home and simply collapsed into bed. Not even any stitching!

Apart from getting into work and back I have done nothing. Absolutely nothing of note – zip, zilch, zero not a thing, not opened my visual journal, or done any stitching , web stuff or even any reading. You know how when you get sick you just lose interest in everything well I have been quite pathetic picking up this and that for maybe two or three minutes then putting it down as I could not settle to it. I simply hate it when I get like that! It’s annoying, as I get bored with myself.

I have been described not just as a juggler of many things but as a centipede juggling many balls. Well the balls are all starting to fall. I have oodles of mail to answer, a website update to finish, 3 costumes to complete, the bags of fun project and the All that Jazz block, its heading up to end of the academic year in OZ and that is a busy time, I have yet to start to make Christmas presents and the annual US/OZ swap is on between the Aussie southern cross crazies discussion list and the two large American crazy quilt discussion lists, CQembellishers and Crazy Quilt. (Willa and I run an annual swap between Crazy quilters in both countries). Also it’s rained (they have not declared the drought broken but they say that is almost so) and its spring so the weeds are overtaking my tulips which I noticed are in flower. Can you believe I have been too sick to notice tulips in full bloom! Apart from those few things I have nothing to do except relax, be a lady of leisure, take in the spring sunshine and let my body get over the flu. So if you are waiting for mail and I am a bit slow with the morning posts please bear with me while I catch up!

A nice thing happened as I received another parcel out of the blue from Marilyn. A huge bag of vintage buttons was a perfectly timed gift to me cheer me up when I was not well. So I am waving hello and saying a big heartfelt thankyou.

Anyway I am on the mend, and although the energy levels are not what they usually are, they are gradually returning. I actually did some stitching last night on my bags of fun piece. I want to get it done before I start on the All that Jazz piece. I have to get a wriggle on as the deadline is November 8th Allison Aller has already completed hers and people over on the flickr group are talking about finishing too!

Well I have mail to answer and stuff to do so take care and thankyou everyone for your get well soon messages.


  1. Hi Sharon, it’s wonderful to have you back. Believe it or not, you were missed in France! During that nerve-wracking interruption, I discovered how addicted to your blog I am. Being able to read you and look at your beautiful pictures again is going to be simply delightful…

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