News on bags garden and All that Jazz

Its time for a general update on a number of fronts – so settle back with a cuppa and a general read.

Bags of fun progress – nearly there

I am fully aware of the bags of fun ticker is sliding along so this morning an image of the state of play. As usual if you click on the image you will see a larger version and the next image is of the other side.

I have decided I am going to twist the bag as you see it. I will emphasise the V shape and it should be a good roomy bag to cart stuff in.

I think I will make the deadline of Novemeber 8th. When I set it I thought I was being generous with time but it turned out to be realistic. There are a number of finishers over on the bags of fun flickr group take a look.

For those who are finishing could you please send me an image of your bag and a little bit about how you made it as I want to build website gallery of all the bags. The sooner I start this task the better from a time management point of view. So please email me.

Katrina All that Jazz Block – started

The next big deadline is my block for the All that Jazz Quilt which is a fundraiser for survivors of the Katrina disaster. I have not done any more on the Katrina block as I have been working on the bag and doing a catch up after a bout of flu.

Its interesting to compare the two challenges as the bags of fun challenge was quickly embraced and people took it up as a fun think to do. It’s a non competitive personal challenge. If I was to run a challenge again it would be of a non competitive nature.

The Katrina fundraiser has not caused as much interest when you compare it with the bags of fun which is simply that a light hearted challenge. This surprises me as the fundraiser is more worthwhile in many ways. I think people feel excluded which was not Annie and my intention at all.

I think people look at the guidelines read about the invitee quilt, and the final block being chosen by popular vote and read no further because it is competitive. I have learnt a lot by this as people are following with interest the progress of Katrina blocks but they are not joining in at the same rate as the bags of fun challenge. They look at the list of people participating and simply get put off, feeling unable to participate as they don’t feel able to compete. This was not the intention at all. I thought that a quilt made by such people would cause interest not scare people off. This has been a very valuable lesson in group dynamics online.

What I have not been able to make clear is that everyone can join in on the All that Jazz Quilts project as all blocks are being made into quilts to be auctioned off to raise money. Every single block submitted will also be published in the gallery on my site. So the rewards are there in the sense that all blocks will be part of the fundraising not just the main quilt. This is an inclusive project not an exclusive one.

So if there is anyone wanting to make a block please do join in. Don’t be put off drag out you fabrics, lace, buttons and beads have fun with them and make a crazy quilt block. There is a flickr group to post images to, chat enjoy the process and most of all its a worthwhile cause. Blocks are due to me on December 8th so there is still time and most of all everybody is welcome.

A note on the Garden

For me today it’s back to shifting that pile of mulch in the garden. Annie came around on Thursday for a working bee and helped me. When she saw the pile she declared it’s larger than it looks in the photo! 10 cubic meters of mulch is quite a hefty amount and this is fine mulch that is almost compost. I want to get is spread as being spring the weeds are establishing themselves, and mulch helps conserve water, but also since the Lilac tree was stolen I am worried about my mulch too! I had planned on it taking about 3 weekends but I feel the pressure is on as there are stories in the district that loads of mulch have also been recently stolen. Yep the just pull up with a trailer and start shovelling!

Thanks for all the comments about my stolen Lilac. I still shake my head at it. I still think it’s someone who is re-establishing a garden who took it. I would like to say that this is a perfectly respectable middleclass suburb with neighbourhood watch schemes etc just one where everyone lost their gardens! (About 2000 gardens were lost in the fires) It would not be a local nursery I don’t think – but it could be someone selling at the local swap meet. I will buy something to take its place. Being spring a trip to the nursery was in order anyway but my shopping trip will wait until I have all my jobs done in the garden.

Well, it’s a lovely day so collecting my shovel I am out the door – waving have a nice day!


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  2. Hi Sharon 🙂

    I think the thing that has held up my participation in the All that Jazz is not the competative element (don’t expect to win anyway) but the standard of the other participants being so way above me. Maybe a ‘novice’ and ‘professional’ split would enable people to place themselves where they feel comfortable in any future project.

  3. Hey- I really need to get out into my garden- it is sort of being spring here, so you are inspiring me. Although this close to the equator, it’s not so easy to tell. I am just amazed with your recent “problem”. I have lived in Ecuador for 17 years now, and all houses have high fences, and you rarely see a plant that is not behind a wall. Here the rule is: “If it’s not chained down, locked up, out of sight . . they really didn’t want it!” When I go back to the States it actually makes me feel nervous to see open yards, where you can actually walk right up to the door, and see bikes and all manner of interesting, nice stuff just sitting out. That has been one of the more interesting results of being down here. Anyway- I guess I just had this image in my mind of Australia being civilized in it’s quaint downunder way- at least more so that S.A.! Bless you. Don’t hurt your back trying to hurry!


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