Browsing the visual journal and drawing tags on flickr.

Browsing the visual journal and drawing tags on flickr.

I have become addicted to browsing the tags on flickr that relate to visual journals. My favourite tags to watch for visual journal eye candy is the journal and journals tags. Also don’t miss the sketchbook tags as these are tags usually applied to images of pages spreads from visual journals. I never tire of looking at the collage tag, drawing and illustration . For ideas on visual journal page layout take a look at the scrapbooking tag’

All of these of course change daily but in amongst the good, the bad, and the ugly this imagery often provides a morning jump start if I feel uninspired. Since I have become addicted to these daily visits I have subscribed to the RSS feeds in my bloglines account. If I have just lost you or you are new to blog reading I explained the wonders of RSS in this post. You might want to check it out before you become addicted to browsing flickr tags.

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