This time of year there is always a countdown of some sort or another of tasks that have to be accomplished before a due date. Tudu Lists is a free web based applications for managing what has to be done. It is quickly set up and being web-based, it is accessible from anywhere. For someone like myself who works from home and work moving between 3 computers this is a big plus. Before this trend towards web based apps I always had the latest version of trivial files like to do lists on the other computer. The main things I am working on I always remember to copy and carry on my thumb drive but I am not so organized with all the bits and pieces – the administrivia of life.

Tudu Lists can also be shared between people which makes them ideal for groups organizing something. For instance if you are involved in organising something like a quilters retreat or conference there are oodles of small tasks that have to be attended to by various members involved. Sharing via a web based application makes it easier to manage and everyone can see what has been done and what needs to be done. It also provides a RSS feed so for those who already run an aggregator to read blogs it means you immediately see updates.

Best of all its free!


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