Out of drought

Yesterday we were official declared to be out of drought in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) . I was literally singing as that means we are off water restrictions which means there is some water for gardens. We are being encouraged to be water wise but a modest amount of water usage is OK.

As people are aware after the fires we did replant our garden but bucketing grey water to plants during the hot summers becomes disheartening particularly when the plants grow but just barely. Now with the rain, that has changed. With the combination of rain and spring everything in the garden has really burst forth and it’s really very exciting after such a long dry period. I find I am thrilled every morning to see new growth on plants that seem to have sat still since we planted them out. My enthusiasm for gardening has been well and truly rekindled.

This is a photo of the Mt Fuji in flower at the moment in my garden. When we replanted after the fires we decided to invest most of our money in some established trees so we could get the main architecture of the garden in. I am so pleased with this one and happy that it was not stolen as it was our biggest investment. I know that every spring I am going to enjoy it thoroughly.

Well its out with the shovels to tackle the mulch pile again. It is reducing but I think clearing the last bit is going to be hard going and this weekend we have a number of tasks to attend to as well.

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