More on Visual Journals

More on Visual Journals

My post yesterday about visual journals created quite a response, so I thought I would skip around the net and see if I could dig up any links about visual journals that focused on the process of keeping a visual journal – rather than an art product. There is not much online but I did turn up Sketchbook journal which is written for school teachers but as a starting point it is worth a visit.

To become more aware of the difference between product and process take a look at flickr under tags such as journal and art journal clusters . You will find heaps of journals that think in terms of the page spread itself being the end product rather than a tool to think with. Nothing wrong with that (in fact I spent a good hour and half browsing) except it is not for everyone.


  1. I was so inspired S – that I started one in conjuction with my latest project… And even with such a small beginning it really helped me articulate ideas and get them from out of rolling around in my brain to ‘on the blank page’ and allowed ‘breathing space’ in my mind…


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