New Year Musings

New Year Musings

Happy New Year everyone. I am back and bouncing around the place as we have had a lovely, if not hot, Christmas and New Year. Actually it’s been heat wave conditions but today a cool change has come in so I feel considerably better as the last few days I have been feeling like a grease spot. At the moment we are both on leave together and had a lovely time with family and friends, pottering about and doing a little stitching which I will post images of soon. Last night while watering the garden I found this little fellow trying to cool off too and he was polite enough to sit still and be photographed. As a side note if you want to see a feast of different interpretations of dragonflies in crazy quilting take a look at Dragonfly wall hanging Linda has completed

Now what are these images of my visual journal about? What are they doing cluttering up the screen? I am not being self indulgent as after my post on how visual journals do not have to be works of Art I thought I would attempt this year to show people how I use my own visual journal. These are two pages done between Christmas and New year.

To place these pages in context the annual US-OZ swap was completed over this break. For those who don’t know what this is, members of the Aussie Crazy quilting list and the big American lists exchange CQ goodies once a year. I am hostess in Australia and Willa Fuller is the US hostess. Now we had a few delays this year, and the US parcel on the 23rd of December. I swapped them out and got all parcels to the post box by Christmas Eve. This meant that between Christmas and New year, I had some time to take a good look at my hostess goodies and swap bags. I try and document all swaps and hostess gifts as I like to know who has sent me what. I like to be able to point to bit of fabric and know it came from a particular person, its just a quirk of mine and I do because I want to. Somehow for me it makes the contact more real – but that is another topic.

This is how I document most swaps and gifts. I simply cut out a little square of fabric about an inch square, with lace braids ribbons and the like a little snip of the end is sufficient and glue them into my sketch book. Next to them are notes I may make and any letter or message that came with the pieces. If there are a lot of buttons or lace etc I photograph it as one of the advantages of a digital camera is that it is easy and quick to photograph and print out such things. This means they are easily incorporated into a visual record. It does not take long to do this and it does keep the record

One of my new years resolutions is to at least start to use my hostess gifts and swap baggies from this year and previous years. In other words work my way through the gifts and swaps stash not just the US swap but other swaps too. I have or course used some stuff over the past few years but nothing like what is actually sitting there.

Recently I have sorted out all my fabrics that I have received and put them into colour groups. I worked it out that there is enough material to be at least 5 quilts! It takes me between 18 months and two years to make a quilt so it looks like I have my work cut out for me. Now I have a couple of ideas that have been either screaming at me or have quietly nagged at me for years I will post about them in the next few days but for now I will admit to planning on starting possibly two large projects this year possibly 3. I don’t plan to have them done by the end of the year but I am going to start them.

I have been thinking about ways to sustain energy for larger works while they are in progress. All last year I watched with interest the blogs of both Linda at Chloe’s place and Pam Kellog of Kitty and me . Over the past year both these women have constantly blogged their work in progress. Other crazy quilters have done so too but I am focusing on these two bloggers as both Linda and Pam have a particularly prolific and beautiful out put and I am wondering/thinking if their blogs assist in this.

So expect to see a little more crazy quilting and work on samplers – yes I said samplers – here this year. I have run out of time – so expect more on the use of blogs to sustain creative pracitice, and my stitching aims this year as I use this space to sort out my thoughts and tackle new projects.


  1. Well Welcome Back!

    You say the nicest things, then ask the hardest questions.

    I have had a go at answering it, but it is a bit long for a comment – it is over on my blog at

    Strange – I have been sort of exercising my mind on the big picture stuff a bit too – life, the universe and blogs. I don’t think there is anything exceptional about my work, just I take easily to web-publishing for a number of reasons – I reckon there are a whole lot of othes out there who would really enhance this world if they were to show off their work a little more, and with things like Flickr, it is getting easier.

    The quantam leap is just accepting it is perfectly okay to do a little bit of showing off! Even fun, and maybe even a service to the world of stitching.

    Happy New Year!

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