Some questions answered

Some questions answered

I am getting quite a few emails about how the lessons I am offering at work. So I decided to post the answers here. The crazy quilting class will be starting on February 16 running for 6 weeks and there are places still available.

There are two major components of online classes; the lessons themselves and the forum. The lessons are the guts of the class. They explain both the design and “how to” of making and embellishing a block. They are structured so that you move from stage to stage in coherent manner. The include illustrations and step by step instructions about the process so everything is visually demonstrated. I have also pointed to stitches in my stitch dictionary for stitches as I did not want to simply re-hash what is already online.

The lessons are an Adobe PDF document are disseminated to the students by Each student is given a User ID and password as well as the URL to the class webpage where they are expected to go and download each lesson. There is a one lesson per week.

The expectation is that the students download each lesson weekly and progress through the class. I have included quite a bit of information and ideas in each lesson but I do not expect students to try absolutely everything I have covered. Crazy quilting is a ‘pick and choose’ form of activity. Each week I expect people to pick an idea they like and work it into their block. They can choose to just do a few hours on their block or more. It’s up to the student. Some people are busier than others so I am very flexible.

Each student is invited to register at the forums which is where all class communication takes place. While not real time chat, they can post messages. I will be checking the forum daily to answer questions and join in on he chat. Here too students can post images of their work so I can give them feedback.

Participation in the forums is totally voluntary and Barbara a tells me that not everyone bothers with it. Some people are not interested in chatting and posting of messages part but I think this will be a really fun part of the process as students from all over the globe have joined up.

I hope I have clarified how they work and what is expected.

Linda at Chloe’s place has kindly blogged her reactions to my lessons for class. Linda’s response can be read here


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