General chatter

General chatter

Well I just LOVE the post some days. Yesterday afternoon I was hot. I was tired and verging on the cranky after a full week at work but decided to put up with the traffic and check the post box. I am pleased I did as a lovely unexpected gift from Sandie in South Australia had arrived. We do not have a car with air conditioning but somehow the traffic on the Parkway did not seem so bad to my mind and once home I ripped open the parcel and all these goodies fell out in my lap. It made my evening. Thankyou Sandie of abeautifulcraft !

This morning I settled down with a cuppa to a good read and blog catch up – well to be honest I have only partly caught up but that is life.

If you want to know how a crazy quilt is assembled I hope you are swinging by Annies Crazy World as I said the other day Annie has started to assemble the All that Jazz Quilt and she has been blogging the process dishing out heaps of tips and the nuts and bolts of how to do it along the way. Do take a look how she is going about it as although there is information online about how to make a block there is not a heck of a lot of information on crazy quilt assembly for anyone who has not done it before. This series of posts is a blow by blow account which she is obviously putting a lot of effort into.

Another Australian Crazy quilter’s blog bobbyla was discovered by Linda at Chloe’s place . Take a poke around bobbyla as she has a number of cards that are pure eye candy on offer.

Don’t miss the patterns of birds including a peacock posted over on the Frankie files

Jacquie (aka Jam Mam) over on All Stitched Up has started a small blackwork sampler for the 6 x 4 lives fabric postcard challenge. Jacquie says that she wants each fabric postcard to “to be a record of that month’s preoccupation.” That is exactly the way I was thinking of using the challenge. One of the things I was thinking when I posed the challenge was to use this format for small samplers, small design exercises, small investigations into new and sometimes not so new ideas .


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