What about Italian tonight?

What about Italian tonight?

Today I turn 50 in March Jerry also turns 50. Eve quietly approached us this morning explaining that she would like to shout us both to dinner … anywhere in the world we choose.

Needless to say I was struck dumb she has been saving the money for 4 years not an easy task when you earn your crust this way (that is her full time job no other ‘regular’ work to pay the rent). I was almost crying as I unwrapped a parcel of travel brochures.

Once I got over my idiotic disbelief

I managed to grab the camera and catch Eve’s mischievous delight at my surprise.

I am still giggling and skipping around the house like a big kid – who said 50 was scary to be! It’s bloody fantastic!


  1. belated B’day wishes Sharon. I really enjoy your postings and your blog. your crazy patchwork and embroidery dict made me sit up. Embroidery is no longer just stitches.
    I wish we Indians ARE as unselfish as you when it comes to sharing their craft knowledge. I am a crafts teacher in India – Tamil Nadu Trichy. I enjoy teaching needlework. I am learning new things with each student. I am into all kinds of needlework and lacemaking including ethnic Indian embroidery like kasuti, kutch embroidery and kantha work. any time you need info on these, I am more than willing to help.
    anytime you happen to visit India you are welcome to stay with us.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! 50 is good. It is not the 50 of the prior generation. Doooooo let us know where you go. I’m sure you will have friends there. I vote for Venice — a bit expensive, but the experience and romance……I can still taste the wonderful food. Of course if you decide on San Francisco — one crab/fish feed coming up πŸ™‚
    Enjoy your special year — both of you.
    Hugs, Sabrina

  3. *Singing in my sweetest voice* LOL
    Happy Birthday to youuuu
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu
    Happy Birthday to Sharrroooonnnnn
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuu

    Hope your day has been a really special one (and it HAS been) … your surprise is wonderful, a trip to anywhere! Can I hop into your luggage …. LOL

    Can’t wait to hear all about it Sharon … and the photos were wonderful..

  4. Happy Birthday Sharon!!!! What a wonderful surprise for both you and Jerry!!!! By coincedience we have just returned from the airport after dropping my daughter and son-in-law… They are off overseas for 6 weeks – a belated honeymoon…There is nothing quite like that feeling of going to the airport…Have fun choosing your menu!!!!!

  5. Sharon, I am just back from my week-long retreat…read your lessons while I was gone and am so blown out by how good they are….more to follow on that…but for now, how wonderful to see the joy and exultation on your face at the love and ingenuity of your most felicitous daughter!
    When I checked in with what I have missed for the week on your blog I was so dazzled for your family…there is nothing that compares with family love when it is good…! What can surpass the fulfillment of mutual love expressed between parent and child? All over the world (I am sure) we are uplifted by your deep delight and soul satisfaction, delivered by the actions of one classy daughter. This is no small thing on the road to world peace!

    So where are you going to share that meal? What will you have?

    Sharon, Happy 50th! The 50’s are so great…

    All best,


  6. now that is a terrific way to begin your next half a century
    plus *we* are receiving a gift also ’cause your blog is already jammed packed with inspiring things
    i look forward to what you’ll find on your adventure
    happy birthday to you
    my son turned 18 today (the 4th)
    happy happy!

  7. IEBÁ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHARON! What a wonderful gift and even more wonderful daughter! Loved the photos!!! So happy for you! ….. [you know that Europe is just a short jump away from SΓ£o Paulo, right? hihihi] πŸ˜€

  8. Wow! That is fantastic!! I’m sure you’re still in shock and will be giddy for years to come. Good going Eve! Such a thoughtful, inspiring gift. Just imagine the quilts/journaling that will come from the experience!


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