Visual Journalling

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Visual Journalling

Visual Journaling Inspirations is brief article worth reading. The first thing I noticed when I encountered it was that the noun journal has shifted to being a verb but then I stopped to think about it. The point I am always trying to make about keeping a visual journal is that it is a process orientated activity. It is what you learn in the doing, that is important, not always the outcome.


  1. Mmmm – but there is the argument that language is something that is changing and dynamic – I actually don’t have a problem with jornal and impact – as long as its use is clear from the context ……

    *ducks for cover*

  2. As a writer and editor, it grates on me when “journal” is used as a verb. Writing and drawing and creating are verbs; journal is a noun. Pretty basic. And “impact” isn’t a verb, either!


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