I have been playing with my beads

I have oodles of beads that are slightly larger than I normally use on a Crazy quilt block. You can use larger beads in bead trails but I would have a trail that was the length of the house, I am sure if I used them all. Something I have been wanting to do for ages is to make some more earrings. I like having lots of pairs for work. So I sat down and made myself some more sets. As you can see I go quite a production line going!

The brown/orange set are not different colours it’s just the way the light caught them.

Lagartera embroidery follow up:

As a follow up on my post about Lagartera embroidery, Gina of Patra’s Place has posted an image of possible Lagartera embroidery. I am not sure if it is. It may be a design inspired by Lagartera. Does anyone know?


  1. Anybody who has read this post and had a look at my “Lagartera possibilities” on PAtra’s (not PEtra’s) Place, I would love some feedback, even confirmation that my samples are actually Lagartera. Now and again I take my linen to womens groups and give talks, and it helps if I have some knowledge of my subject! Which is mostly gleaned from people like SharonB who know these things – help please!

  2. did you get my mail Sharon?
    Today I have sent another mail with some Lagartera web pages attached. the pictures in Petra’s place do like the Lagartera picture on the cover of the Sally Milner book.
    But do take a look at the mail attachments I have sent you.
    all the pictures I have look similar


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