Beaded prayer parcels

Beaded prayer parcels

Sonya Clarke commenced the Beaded Prayers Project years ago now. I met her in 2000 when she was an artist in residence at the Canberra School of art. At the time she spoke about getting a website but I did not realise it had happened.

The project now weighs in at over 4000 beaded prayers. It was inspired by African amulets. In each little beaded parcel is a prayer (or that’s what I put in mine when I made one) or a message. Soya explains the idea on her site.

The project is now over but what a good swap it would make – No I am not going to start it as I have too much on my plate already. If anyone else wants to run with idea please do as the idealist side of me likes the idea of swapping little beaded parcels stuffed with secret prayers around the globe. They are only tiny the largest being the size of an artist trading card and it would be so much fun!

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  1. I really tried to persuade the admins at my former workplace to host a workshop and exhibit when she still had this program going. I spoke with her several times via phone and she was very open to anyone continuing on with the project in their areas.

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