Cyclone Larry concerns

Cyclone Larry concerns

Thankyou everyone who has dropped me an email about cyclone Larry. I appreciate your kind concern. I live well and truly south and inland so all is fine here. The cyclone hit coastal areas in northern Queensland literally hundreds of miles away from me. A map showing the area hit by the cyclone and where I live in Canberra is at the bottom of this US story.

Watching the news coverage it is devastating for the people in the cyclones path. It has been described as the most powerful cyclone to hit Australian shores in nearly a century. According to this report Innisfail had %80 of the building damaged. However the defence forces have been deployed to aid the residents and the clean up has started.

Australia’s banana crop is more or less gone. The Age has reported that the damage bill is at 1 billion, whereas The Australian has reported 1.5 billion.

For those overseas the ABC site has coverage of events and readers photos. The the Queensland disaster management website is also posting news.


  1. We do have Red Cross but I am not sure eBay or Mission Fish is linked into Australian Red Cross

    I have been watching for any large appeals but have only spotted local charities – on the ground

    Have any Aussies seen anything that allows international donations?

  2. Hi, I would like to make a donation through eBay & Mission Fish, to benefit disaster relief in your country. I have been on the Mission Fish website, but can’t find exactly the right one! Is the Red Cross helping in your area?


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