A special gift received

A special gift received

I have been wandering around the house peering at stuff through a tonal view finder as a result of a generous gift sent to me by Shay Toner. I had heard about the 3 in 1 colour tool but not ever seen it. It is a stack of colour swatches that you can use to plan colour schemes and at the back of the swatches there is a handy view finder. When you look at a pile of fabrics the sheet of coloured plastic knocks out colour so that you just see tonal values. This makes it an ideal quilters tool.

In the parcel was some vintage lace to die for it is totally gorgeous. Also a really nice piece of ribbon was tucked in all side some threads. I think I was most touched when I spotted the threads as I realised that Shay had matched the colours to this crazy quilt block which I was working on when she posted the parcel but have since finished.

Anyone who has seen the I dropped the button box crazy quilt will know I have a liking for buttons so an Altoids tin full of vintage buttons was pounced on with glee. I am not sure if Shay was aware of it or not but we do not have Altoids – or their tins here in OZ so the tin itself was a great gift too! Apart from liking the shape it’s an extremely useful size making it a handy little storage tin. Thankyou Shay!


  1. Hi Sharon … actually … we DO have altoids in Australia – in fact you can buy them here in Canberra! … but they are not in heart shaped tins, they are rectangular … but i think that is a more handy shape – I usually carry around some tatting and/or hand sewing in one – I put it in my bag if I am carrying one, or my pocket if I am not – so that wherever I go I always have something to work on if I have to wait around for something/someone …
    I didn’t know they came in Ginger … I might have to have a look – the others are a bit too minty tasting for me … (mint belongs on lamb roast, not in lollies or chocolate πŸ˜‰

  2. Sharon, Shay does give some of the best gifties.
    And if you want altoids, just let us know and we can send them to you. I can find wintergreen,peppermint,cinnamon, and the occasional ginger flavor. I can personally state that the cinnamon are best,followed by peppermint,and wintergreen. Not sure about the ginger ones due to allergys to ginger.



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