Please Explain

Please Explain

Can anyone please explain to me why when I am on a campaign to reduce and use the odds and ends of wool, that I discover a pile of scrap wool at the local swap meet and buy it? Also since I am asking embarrassing questions why is it that someone else’s scraps are always more interesting that your own? Now this little lot was $10.00 a good deal for a novice scrumbler like myself but did I really need it?

As I mentioned earlier in the week I have picked up my crochet hook again as I have become very interested in freeform crochet. Well here is a picture of how far I have got. Don’t ask me what I am making as I don’t yet know. That’s a bit of novelty to me as I usually have a pretty good idea of where something is going. At the moment it is the process of scrumbling that has me fascinated.

Probably since I was actually dreaming of scrumbles the other night I am on a bit of binge hence the momentary lapse of reason but hey life is too short to be sensible all the time.

Anyway these latest additions to my scrap basket will make great scrumbles. I thought some people might be interested in my progress. As you can see a number of pieces have been stitched or crocheted together and I have a pile of loose scrumbles at the top of the image.

I plan to add more crochet bobbles and stuff like buttons and beads to the scrumbles. Also there is no reason why a bit of stitching could not sit on top. At the moment however I am just concentrating on getting the pieces to sizable blocks. I have also dug out my old knitting and crochet books as these little blocks are a great way to try out patterns. I intuitively feel that shifting textures is what will make the finished knit interesting. At the moment however it’s an interesting jig saw if nothing else!


  1. The cast off scraps of wool in op shops are sooo tempting. I would like to say they are just the colour I need for something, but mainly I buy them because they are a ‘bargain’ – needless to say I have enough of these bargains of my own!

  2. Perhaps it is the very definite chill in the air that has us all turning to wool… Me??? I am the worst knitter in the world and crochet has me more perplexed but for some reason best known to myself – osmosis, I suspect – either that or the 100th monkey syndrome – I have dug around in old knitting and crochet patterns wondering if it could at all be possible to creat something – even if it is a rug for the cat… And hear this L – Chloe’s Place – I have even hunted down a tatting shuttle – LOL – but which way do you hold it????

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