Swap Meet finds

Swap Meet finds

After posting yesterday morning we headed out into a chilly late autumn Canberra day to the local swap meet which Rotary runs each Sunday at Woden.

In my general scrummaging around I came across an elderly lady who had bagged up the contents of her button box and was selling them off at $2.00 per bag. Since many were vintage I rolled up my sleeves, podded poked and generally had a good peer into the bags before I handed over the money for 7 of them.

These are the gems I found. Many of the old plastic buttons are either celluloid, an early plastic or bakelite. The buckles are lovely too. I had not thought of using old buckles on a crazy quilt block but as soon as I saw these in the bags I knew I had a home for them.

I was most intrigued with the two buttons of a lady which to me looks like Walt Disney’s Cinderella. I was wondering if it was a 50’s Disney button. I have had a poke around the button sites but not found any information on it. Shaped novelty buttons like this are called goofies. Many people collect them so I trawled the button sites looking at vintage goofies but to no avail. She is delightful nevertheless.


  1. Is there a way of telling the difference between celluloid, bakelite and early plastic, I recognise some of these from my own collection (inherited from my mum) – especially remember the rabbits on my childhood clothes.

  2. Hi Sharon, your buttons are gorgeous, what a delightful find. I’m a button collector and often think to myself …. I could fill a bath tub and bath in them… that is how much I love them! *grin* Those cinderella ones are just so delicious! hugs

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