EBay watching

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EBay watching

Ebay fever has hit the house as there is a little over 24 hours to go on the auction of the Katrina Fundraiser Quilts.So no real bogging is going on here at the moment. I am sure I will be forgiven. No doubt I will be fidgeting around tomorrow too!
In case people missed the news last week the quilts that are up for auction. All the money raised goes to Baton Rouge Area Foundation / FoundationsForRecovery.org it was set up to help people displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Katrina Hurricane are now on Ebay.

Here are the links again
The large quilt is All that Jazz no 1 If for some reason the link does not work try

All that Jazz no 2 If for some reason the link does not work try

All that Jazz no 3. If for some reason the link does not work try

After the auction I will keep the Gallery online as a permanent record of the project. In the gallery you can click on the individual blocks in the quilt and it will take you to a close up. On the page is an image and a statement from each artist who participated and links to their home pages. It means that the quilts have an interesting provenance and they are a snap shot of crazy quilting at this particular point in time.

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