On Amiglia you can describe your family tree with photos. This you can also blog, house links, and photos of your family, and have a calendar listing of upcoming birthdays.

One of the more interesting features is that it is integrated with Google Maps. You can have maps with links to photos of where the photos were taken. It is a good representation of where you went on holidays or where a family is dispersed. These can also be linked to satellite photos which is sort of neat. You are able to link albums together and easily tag people themes and places. Music can be added to slideshows and home videos can also be incorporated into the site. Uploading from mobile phones or email is possible and importing from flickr. Also for a minimal charge have backup CDs and DVDs made.

As a package it brings data management to the home. This is not a texile link but I think many people who read this will find it ineresting. The service is still in beta so there are glitches but a basic account is free so it is a least worth exploring a bit.

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  1. have you checked out ourstory.com? they have a timeline feature that allows you to chronicle your life, as well as the option to print it out in a nicely bound book. it’s pretty cool, especially for those of us with a love of scrapbooking.


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