A High Five in Wales

A High Five in Wales

Regular readers will know that occasionally I post about the achievements of my daughter who works in a circus. I use the excuse that I am still on topic because I make the costumes, but I have to admit it is always with pride I write about Eve.

Recently Eve left Australia for a tour throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The first photos of her shows are up in the Will o’ the Wisp galleries.

Last week, Eve was at the Workhouse Festival Wales Llanfylin, Wales as a roving performer. Here on stilts gives a High five to a passer by.

For Aussies the National Celtic Festival Port Arlington will be showcased on Postcards, Channel 9, Saturday 8th July 2006 at 5-30pm. Guess who will have the TV on to that channel, as I hope that Eve’s Highland Fling danced on stilts will not hit the cutting room floor.

Now I will stop bragging and get off line to do some work and later on in the day some stitching.


  1. Sharon … besides a BIG thank you for the ‘even stitches’ info and links which put me in touch with Miss Carole Samples (who I had the pleasure of taking a workshop from back in 2002)
    Walking on stilts … WOW … what a girl you’ve got! I just saw a field of people learning to do this, amazing … and fond memories of my dad making them for my brother and I … learning to do walk of them so verrrrrry long ago (we were probably only a foot off the ground)

    Jan @ Silly Hill
  2. Moms have a right to speak proudly of their babies (mine asked me once when I’d stop calling her that, and I said she’d always be my baby…!). And Eve is lovely; your costume certainly complements her obvious beauty and talent…you’d NEVER get me anywhere NEAR stilts!!

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