A stash driven fitness drive or 10,000 steps a day

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A stash driven fitness drive or 10,000 steps a day

I am about to go on a stash driven fitness campaign. Yesterday I posted a suggestion that there might be a few stitchers that might want to dust off their pedometers and join myself and Karen South of Karen South’s Crazy Quilting World in a weekly challenge to blog our pedometer readings. Since both Karen and myself had some responses to the idea, expect to see my weekly count taken every Sunday night posted here every Monday morning.

My steps are down a little this week as it is winter here in OZ but I hope to make up for it this weekend. This is the plan I am going to take everything out of my workroom, and install a new storage system. Next following good decluttering ideals I am going to sort the contents of the room out then put it all back. That’s a lot of trundling about with arm loads of stuff and yes I will photograph it as I know people just love seeing the way other people have their stuff organized. I am looking forward to it.

Perhaps it’s a case of a stash e-organization fitness drive is required. I can think of other ways to get fit – stash enhancement – in other words shopping! The down side to that idea is that the budget would not survive. Thrift shop scavenging might be healthy if you walked there and back or walked back from the store with your arms extended carrying your finds with a manic grin that spells its mine all mine. This activity would have the advantage of also toning up your arms! Printing and dyeing is always an active textile related activity beacuse there is alot of standing. What about sewing standing up? I wonder if I can walk and knit? Two handed ironing to tone up your biceps? What flexibility exercises can we incorporate into textile practice? In your workroom place all your really nice goodies on highest or lowest shelf. When reaching into the bottom draw bend sideways? Week by week I could resort my fabric alternately by colour, by fabric and by size bending from the knees and lifting from the hips. What about doing hand embroidery while hoola hooping? What else is there? Can anyone think of any?

Before I get carried away I should say that Glenna with her relatively new blog Eye of the Needle is dusting off her pedometer along side Janet of Just bee cause and for the fun of it. Sue of threads is also joining in and Lillian of crazyseoulsister has also said she is to be counted.


  1. Belle – a beach to walk on each day sounds great – I did have a forrest at the end of my street but it was lost in fires that hit Canberra and thinking about it thats is when my daily walking stopped. Environment can make such a difference.

  2. Love this idea of incorporating fitness and craft…. it’s so easy to sit for hours and stitch.

    Similar to Barbara’s comment – I have my sewing machine in my bedroom….. the light’s really good there….. and everything else in the spare room. Only a little walk to the iron and back, but it can add up over the course of the day.

    You’ve inspired me now to get myself a pedometer. As I live right near the beach in northern NSW, getting out for a walk each day is no hardship, but it’ll be fun to see how many steps I actually do.

  3. well, wet felting is good one – all that rolling gives pretty nice shape to upper arms. and i also crochet a lot standing up and looking after kids or walking with them. actually having little children was the reason why crochet became my main craft – it can be easily done almost everywhere πŸ™‚
    can’t help with embroidery or quilting though..

  4. Hi!

    I just read a new quiltingmagazine called Quilters Home were they were talking about the subject of getting excersise while quilting: One lady had her sewingroom downstairs and her Iron upstairs so she had to run upstairs everytime she had to press a seam. Another lady walked once around the block everytime she finished a block. Good Idea’s?


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