Week 1 67,355 steps

Week 1 67,355 steps

Last week I made the bright suggestion that there might be a few stitchers that might want to dust off their pedometers and join myself and Karen South of Karen South’s Crazy Quilting World in a weekly challenge to blog our pedometer readings. Now sometimes I come up with these ideas then curse them.

The ideal is to walk 10,000 steps a day. As you can see I am short 70,000 steps for the week. Not too far short but when you think that a good percent of steps involved shifting everything out of my workroom into the dining area, helping Jerry install a new storage system and then proceed to sort, de-clutter and start to put away my stuff it’s a bit disappointing. I was on my feet all day.

Never the less I plan to post my weekly count with a photo taken every Sunday night and posted here every Monday morning.

Here is a photo of most of the textile related stuff that normally resides in my sewing room. Tomorrow hopefully there will be shots of my new workspace.


  1. Sharon,

    I three inexpensive step counters that I will willingly send to you if someone wants them. I’m in love with my Omron.. which makes it so easy to wear and count steps.. but it keeps track of days, so I can’t document a week’s worth at a time.

    I even blogged about my new pedometer.. and it’s ability to count my steps while I wear it in my bra!!

  2. Sharon, I’m not a crazy quilter (yet) but I do embroidery work and I’m having a ball following your 100 stitches. Right now I’m working on a piece — flower pounding — and I’ve decided to embellish it with various embroidery stitches. I’m loving the results and am trying to incorporate many of the stitches you show here on your blog. I LOVE your blog and your stitch dictionary. You rock!

  3. Kathleen – I will try ‘marching’ instead of standing but I am not sure it is legit
    Just for a laugh I picked up one of Eve’s hoola hoops yesterday boy does hoola hooping give you a work out! Skiping might improve matters too.

  4. Well, I’d have to say I didn’t do much better, even with to-ings and fro-ings to the shed to cut melamine to size; and carefully and therapeutically assembling the drawer system with a large rubber mallet! But it’s a great challenge 🙂

  5. Congratulations Sharon! You had a great week stepping. We are having a heat wave here in the US and walking is almost dangerous so I’m trying to find another way to get my steps in. Sounds like cleaning out my studio may be just the thing to increase my steps this week.


  6. Alas, I do not have a website or blog, but Sharon, your blog is my homepage.My day job is as Chronic Care Manager for a group of Community Health Centers in Seattle WA, USA. Ummm. I was never that good at math but… I think you are only 3,000 steps from your goal. Not much! 70,000 would be your weekly goal. I have not been embroidering much lately, but I have been assisting lots of folks to get their 10,000 steps in. Scarey that it requires some work in this work culture we are in. Some folks are trying to get us to walk on treadmills as we work on our computers. There is stuff on the WEB. I won’t link it because it is just too gerbil/hamster for me—gives me the willies. I had this notion that I should clean aerobically –you know fast and hopping around–accomplish 2 things at once! Could not do it, I like doing things slowly. A good compromise is (I am not kidding) to march in place instead of “standing” I held a competition at one of our clinics and everyone got into competing playfully with each other. One of our dentists won. He showed us how. On the side he had his pedometer placed he would shake his leg-sitting or standing! He made us nuts! It was fun but of course he could not sustain that. Its all about doing this in a way you could sustain. What has worked for me is handwatering in my garden for 1/2 hour, but what will I do come winter rain—thats the challenge you have right now! Your site keeps me going when I must spend more time in the world of paid work than I would choose. Thank you so much for that. KPH

  7. I have a pedometer ordered and as soon as it arrives I will be joining in.

    I hate clearing out my workspace and then having to put it all back again. I did that last year when I painted and I don’t want to do it again!! But maybe if I got a new storage system I might enjoy it more.

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