My New Work Room

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My New Work Room

My new work room is now under control. Everything is put away and it is ready to be used. I call my space a work room because that is what happens in there – work. What happens in that room is related to various textile activities but it is work nevertheless. Studio has always sounded a bit pretentious to me and my space involves work rather than some romantic notion of what creativity is about.

As promised here are some photos of my new work space. Firstly I wanted to take the opportunity for a really good sort out so everything was hauled out of the room wile Jerry installed the new storage system. This is all the stuff in the dining room when it came out of my room. This table sits 8 people with ease so it gives you a sense of the amount of things that are stored in a small room measuring 2 and half meters by 3.

This is one side of the room. The bench is at standing height with a basket storage system underneath it. Above is a pin board, which is screwed to the wall and stretches to the ceiling. As I work it will get filled with bits and pieces as I work on ideas. The bench under the window is the same height as my desk and also has baskets underneath it.

This is the desk area. One of the reasons I wanted to reshuffle things about is that I wanted my drawing equipment to hand on the desk. Previously it had been in a shelving unit on the other side of the room, which meant I was up and down getting stuff all the time. This broke the general flow of drawing which annoyed me as drawing is like stitching in the sense it can become a meditative process. I am doing more drawing lately so I wanted to change how I was using the room.

Above the desk is another pin board which goes to the ceiling. Both walls I use as design boards.

This is a bookcase which holds my visual journals, beads and the like. I like my sketchbooks accessible and within easy reach. It is strange to think that the last 20 years or so of my life are contained on these shelves as the oldest sketchbook is one I kept before I had Eve who is now 23! The Flip folders and files are filled with documentation on various stitches also collected together over 20 years or so.

Next to it is a rack of drawers. In the drawers I have all my stash stored sorted to colour. It is all easily seen and easily accessible. I find if things are away in crates or cupboards, because I don’t see them I forget they are there and don’t use them. Also under the shelves only 3 of those draws contain UFO’s (Un – Finished Objects) 2 of them being full of blank crazy quilt blocks ready to go which are really WIPs (Works in Slow Progress) so I feel quite good about my to do list.

Well that is it for this morning as I am off to do some stitching as I am writing up my next set of online classes that will be offered via The in early October. If anyone wants to be notified when they become available drop me an email or leave a comment and I will email you with news of when they are going to be run.


  1. Ohh Sharon I just showed my DH your wonderful sewing room with all those lovely shelves and baskets full of goodies. He just looked at me and said I haven’t a hope of ever fitting all my bits and peices in anything like that. I’m shattered and I thought I was doing such a good job of being restrained with my goodies…lol. Though I msut admit your sewing room would fit into just a small peice of mine. Could I have gone overboard there too I wonder..roflol. I am very inpressed with the hard work the two of you have done. Congratulations.

  2. Allison you can see our‘ target=’_blank ‘ title=’a bit of family history ‘ rel=”nofollow”>our newish Mac and the rest of the family here. Our computer is in the family room as e alll use it. I think if I had it in my work room I would get distracted so I keep the two activities seperate.

    Shay you ae on my list – I will drop you an email when the class dates are firm

    Barbara I just checked out your room (and left a comment) it’s got a lovely airy feel.

    Cathy thanks – I think its nice to work in too

  3. Wow, great room..what a difference. I just re-did my room too. It took some effort but I have gotten so much inspiration back! You can see some photo’s on my blog. Also if you can inform me on you online class that would be great!


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