Surprises in the post and a trip to Sydney

Surprises in the post and a trip to Sydney

I had not checked the post box for a few days as I had been busy reshuffling my work room around. I figured it would just be the usual bills waiting for me. Today I checked it and to my total delight TWO parcels were waiting for me an no bills by the way. That is a sign of a very good day.

The first is a bunch of buttons from Marilyn. The box contained a mix of beautiful vintage lace, lovely novelty and vintage buttons. Since it’s public knowledge that I am a button addict I want to send out a public thankyou. Marilyn often sends me unexpected gifts and her little surprises always catch me totally off guard and my delight at her thoughtfulness sets me up for the day.

Now the second parcel is a mystery as I am not sure who it came from. It was posted in the United States and came with a note saying
“An overdue thanx! Have a great day” signed Lillian.
No email address or anything so I am puzzled. I know a Lillian in Korea – Lillian of crazyseoulsister but I do not remember corresponding with any other Lillian. Please who ever you are, the laces you sent me are lovely and very unusual particularly the butterfly motifs. Please drop me an email so I can thankyou as I feel bad not being able to say how much I appreciate the thought.

Below is what was in the parcel. I am sure people will agree with me that it is lovely stuff and some of it is particularly unusual.

On another note, early tommorow morning I am headed off to Sydney for a couple of days. I have set a couple of posts to be published automatically over that period. This is the first time I have done this so I hope it works! Those who are following the 100 details series will not have to go without. I will be away from a computer for 4 days which means I will moderate all comments and attend to mail on Tuesday.

For those who would like to join in on the 10,000 steps a day challenge Debra of a A stitch in Time left a comment yesterday to say she has a few old pedometers up for grabs. Swing by her blog and make contact with her. I am sure whe would be thrilled to hear from you.


  1. Well Sharon,

    Tis me! I had said I wanted to send you a squishie when you were teaching the online class. It is VERY late and I am glad it got to you safe.

    The butterflies are really unique, aren’t they? I check the same store every time I go to the market with no success. It is a shame since they are so lovely. In fact, looking at the pic, I see that mostly everything comes from the market here except the pineapple doiley.

    As for the US postmark- my dh has a job on the army base and that allows us the use of the US post office. Bet that threw a wrench in your sleuthing skills! =)

    Glad you liked the goodies.


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