Steps this week at 62,309

Steps this week at 62,309

I did not make all my steps for this week but considering most of the week I spent at home in front of a computer screen writing the next set of lessons to be offered at The Joggles.com or sitting at my desk stitching samples for the same set of lessons I think it is pretty good. Frankly if I make it to 60,000 on a week like this I am happy. Jerry will blog his steps tonight (I think I beat him)

Other people involved in this challenge are Linda of Chloe’s Place , Janet of Just bee cause and for the fun of it, Glenna of Eye of the Needle, Karen South of Karen South’s Crazy Quilting World , Sue of threads and Lillian of crazyseoulsister and Michele of Indigo .


  1. Haven’t had a chance to list them this week, or blog anything. But my steps are off the planet – I now have to admit that I had a secret weapon up my sleeve. I am out working as a census enumerator!!!!

    Can’t stop to talk – have to keep walking!

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