Do you want to improve your drawing skills? For those who are interested in quietly developing the ability to draw you may like to investigate Drawspace and take advantage of their free online drawing lessons.

Drawspace hosts dozens of drawing lessons suitable for beginners through to those with advanced drawing skills. You have to join which only takes a few minutes and even then you are only able to download a tutorial every two weeks, but the lessons are rated and those that I have read are useful.

Many of the lessons are ideal for textile practitoners who have an interest in keeping a visual journal but are fearful of that word drawing. You could quietly build this skill in a visual journal, chipping away at it every couple of weeks.


  1. Hi,
    I am amzed at the wealth of material I have found here. I just joined up at BlogHer and I will make a links pages from my website acrosss to the different Blogs and trains of conversation that share information and resources so freely.
    Thank you I feel like I have found a bonanza!


  2. What a great resource Sharon! Thanks for including it. I have spent a lot of time and effort improving my fine art skills, but drawing is definitely the most practical application for me, especially contour drawing.

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