The steps challenge for Week 8

The steps challenge for Week 8

Yesterday I mentioned that I would like feedback on a slide show produced using Slide.com which allows you to produce a free slide show in minutes which you can put on blogs or websites.

For some strange reason the comments seems to not be working on the post but people have been leaving comments on the post – which is fine. I appreciate that people took the time out to try it and leave a comment about it. So a big thanks to all!

Yesterday I quickly made a slide show and put it on a section of my site here and asked if people who are on dial up has problems. Those on dial up are reporting it takes a couple of minutes to load. I really feel that this is too long. So out of consideration to them I will not be using slide shows on my blog although I think they are fun.

OK on to the 10,000 steps a day challenge. My general level of activity is hanging round the same place. I am still more active while wearing the pedometer and having to blog this each Monday morning makes me aware of how I am using my body. So for me this challenge is working out for me.

I would like to maintain a general level of activity at the 70,000 steps in a week without having to go to gyms etc. I am hoping to establish a pattern of simply being more active without having to think too much about it. Establishing patterns work for me as I end up just doing it. So rather than the pattern being me happily sitting all day stitching or at a computer I just want to constantly include more activity. This is a long term goal. I hope that in 20 years the activity level is the same and as a result my level of general health is better. One advantage I have found is that neck and shoulder pain through too much sewing has totally gone. I think I may have lost a kilo or two but I only weigh myself when I think of it.

Other stitchers involved in the challenge (to my knowledge) are

Linda of Chloe’s Place

Janet of Just bee cause and for the fun of it

Glenna with her relatively new blog Eye of the Needle

Karen South of Karen South’s Crazy Quilting World

Sue of threads

Lillian of crazyseoulsister

Michele of Indigo

Rissa of Rissa’s Pieces

Jerry (my husband)


  1. Hi Sue well done on the weight training
    My goals are not to lose weight as such – if I do it’s a side benifit – Two years ago we went to China and walked parts of the great wall some of it was very steep and I found it hard going – I want to be fit enough to travel and not miss an opportunity of a life time because of not being fit enough.
    I am not too worried about losing weight as such just being healthy
    I really dont like gyms etc and I refuse to buy equipment as there is no where in the house to put it. I am happy to walk because when you travel that is what you need to do.

  2. I gave up on the pedometer and joined a gym where I take pilates, yoga and circuit traing each twice a week. At home I use my rower and my stairmaster every day for 30 minutes. In 10 weeks I’ve lost 15 pounds and I’ve gone from a size 8 to a 4! Just walking wasn’t having enough impact on my weight loss for me and adding the weight training has really made a difference in how fast the weight has come off.

  3. Janet – that could be your step count – when I started it was common only do 4-5,000 steps a day- which is why I think it is working for me.

    Allison – I hate gyms and particularly treadmills – can’t stand them. I prefer to go for a walk around the district and get to know all the walkers and dog walkers out at that time. If I don’t stop to chat – 30 minutes out walking gives me same as a treadmill ie 3000 steps. I do things like walk to the local shops (2500 steps) parrk the car at the far end of the car park etc it all adds up.

  4. I am having difficulty with my pedometer (brand new) and have not been able to post any readings from it recently. About the highest I’ve gotten is in the 6000 – 7000 per day range. If you want to take my name off for now I will understand. I’m shopping for a better pedometer now.

  5. I am wondering why you don’t consider a gym…not a loud expensive one, but a cheap neighborhood one like the one I go to. I use a stair stepper there that in 30 minutes gives me about 3000 steps….pretty efficient!
    BUT! All moves toward increased physical activity are life savers, and mind savers, too.

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