The steps challenge for Week 14

The steps challenge for Week 14

Another week has passed where I managed to reach my personal challenge. I am now trying to establish a pattern of this. I have had a busy week but I have realised that I am a person who establishes patterns in my life and then simply maintains them. I am often slow at establishing a routine but once done it just becomes part of the rhythm of my day. Blogging for me is like that. At first I found the time an extra task and because of that it was difficult, but once it became a habit it was easy. Once established it became just something I do in a day. So now I am trying to establish a pattern and level of activity week in and week out. Lets see how I go.

People involved
Other stitchers involved in the challenge (to my knowledge) are

Ash of 10,000 steps

Linda of Chloe’s Place

Janet of Just bee cause and for the fun of it

Glenna of Eye of the Needle

Karen South of Karen South’s Crazy Quilting World

Sue of threads

Lillian of crazyseoulsister

Michele of Indigo

Rissa of Rissa’s Pieces

Jerry (my husband)

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