Encounters of the spidery sort

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Encounters of the spidery sort

I don’t have arachnophobia but I know some people are. If you are one of these people you may wish to click away from this post before the photo downloads. This was taken by Jerry and the hand is mine. I am not that brave when it comes to these creatures. As you can see the spider is caught between the screen door (you can see why we have them in Australia) and the glass door and I wanted to indicate the size of the beast.

As this fact sheet on huntsman spiders points out this is a Banded huntsman spider and they become pretty big. Since we do not like to kill things even insects and spiders in our house our philosophy was tested. Thankfully this spider was caught by Jerry after much ducking and diving and released into the garden.

As you can see the striped patterns are quite beautiful and love the aqua tinges to the leg joints and belly.


  1. Pam and LouAnne they can give you a nasty bite but they are not as poisionous as some spiders -you do get used to them. This was caught between the doors so I was not being that brave -normally I would neve risk a bitw on my right hand as that would slow down the stitching!

  2. Sharon: Are these spiders poisonous? I like my spiders only on CQ blocks. Looking at this reminded me of a time some years back when we had a chance to move “down under”. I’m thinking perhaps the garden critters would have been a challenge for me!

  3. Sharon, that spider is gorgeous! We don’t like to kill things either and always try our best to get things outside when we find them in our house.

    I remember our facination with a Black And Yellow Writing Spider that we found on our soffit outside last Summer. Beautiful creature and we were rather disappointed that she didn’t come around this year.

    Is that spider poisonous?

  4. Far from being afraid of them, I quite like them, with one or two exceptions. That one is a beautiful specimen. I had a tarantula, which is technically not a spider, as a classroom pet for many years. They are interesting creatures.

  5. Sharon, just felt moved to tell you how important and inspiring your blog is to me. It is my homepage at home and it is like dessert to me. Ah…to have a few minutes to check what you are up to. I am finally taking an art class (deconstructing cloth) and my husband is finally taking violin lessons—-for us things that are quite a big step in doing what we wanted to do when we were little and couldn’t. we are both 48. There is so much in the way you write that has helped us move forward on what we want to do. Thanks! for taking it on in such a responsible way. KPH


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