I have a new toy

I have a new toy

I am bouncing around the house in excitement as yesterday I purchased a new toy. A new MacBook . It has wireless capability so now I can surf the net in my studio. Yesterday I had it running while stitching. From a productivity point of view I am not sure if this id a good thing or a disaster but either way it is fun!

We still of course have the 20 inch screen G5 in the living area but with Jerry editing music files and Eve producing video promotional files for the circus troupe the machine is often constantly in use and full of files that are in use. We are definitely a a Mac family but I love having my own.


  1. yep I have only had it a couple of days and its already loaded with a couple of thousand Mp3s – I love my ipod – and don’t care if at 50 I look silly wearing it – its protective gear as far as I am concerned against that horrid piped music that shopping centres use to disorientate you. They also get you through the housework!

  2. Congratulations on your new Mac family member! I wanna get a Macbook too… my poor little iBook is on its last legs RAM-wise. Must be all those songs I’m loading onto iTunes in preparation for the arrival of my new iPod that Mark bought me in Singapore! He’s hiding it from me until Christmas (pouts).

  3. I have the iBook G4, and I love it, too. Since the first time I turned it on, I have had trouble connecting with the airport exactly once, and I think it was the fault of the RV park antenna, because it’s the only time in a year.

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