Life is busy

Life is busy

The Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge is generating many comments and emails saying people want to join.It’s an exceptionally busy time of year as in OZ it is the start of our summer holiday season too. Life here as usual has been busy too. So I don’t actually have my usual Saturday morning round up. Also I have not even been able to respond all the comments left lately. With a busy weekend ahead I am going to try and do it now!

I think we have enough people interested to generate energy and make it a very dynamic challenge. It’s interesting how there has to be a certain number of people to reach a certain level of energy and activity within a group. This is going to be fun. I am in a messy half organized phase of subscribing people to my bloglines account while trying to clean out old accounts that are no longer active or I don’t read that often. Bloglines has been having technical problems as well which has been frustrating. As I explained in my post on Thursday about pruning the RSS feeds I am doing this so that I can track who has done what for this challenge. This post drew quite a few comments on why people stop reading a blog. Most often it appears that in the textile community the turn off is too much personal information and infrequent posting. It is interesting as people like a little information but not too much. There is a fine line between being warm and friendly and boring people.

I received an email from Melissa, the lady responsible for the fabulous resource Fabric dyeing 101. I posted this link yesterday and I hope those who use an RSS feed have subscribed to her as the gossip is that she is working on tutorials for techniques such as shibori, double dyeing, and the options available to textile practitioners using photo and images transfers.

On another note the Developing a personal library of stitches class is now in its last week. A Flickr group has been established going under the name of Library of stitches. Students are putting their work up and you can see some fantastic ideas.

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