People now have to register in order to leave comments

People now have to register in order to leave comments

Hi all some of you might have noticed that the site went down again earlier on today. Spammers are hitting the site so hard that they risk bringing the server down so I have to change my comments policy. People now have to register in order to comment. Please do register, once done all you have to do is login in order to comment. I know this is a pain , I also know many people will not do it, but it is better than not having a site at all!


  1. It’s a great pity Sharon that there are so many mischevious types “out there”.
    Like you,originally hailing from the West,we will be having a roast dinner tonight & crayfish & prawns tomorrow.
    I agree with debra .robry this login is preferable to word verification.
    Merry Christmas to you & yours Sharon!

  2. I made it too, although curiousity got the best of me and I did check out the dashboard page. 😀 SPAM is really high, even at low traffic blogs like mine. I wish that WordPress would do a word verification thing that could foil the spambots.

  3. Hi Liz – thanks for the tip about Spam Karma but I looked into it and my understanding is that knocks the spam for the blogger but the spam still is processed by the server – so it does not reduce server load which is the problem

  4. Well that wasn’t too bad. I understand the need to control spambottery. And this was a nicer solution than the word verification thingy on other blogs.

    Really liked the handbag tutorials you pointed out.

  5. Hi Kim I see you found it – its not wordpress that is the problem it is a spam bot – that is attacking the blog – and a lot of blogs are having the problem – the bot simply overloads the server- we are gradually getting to the bottom of the problem

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