There has been a few problems here

There has been a few problems here

Well what a return to blogging after a break! Over night once again comment spammers attacked the site, hitting things so hard that the server was going to take a tumble. What happens is that they overload the system so much that things start breaking so my hosting company pulled the site offline. It acts effectively as a denial of service attack . I have taken every measure I can to prevent spam but that does not stop them hitting the site basically if spammers decide to hit my blog like tsunami wave there is not a lot I can do. I have used Akismet for blocking and it does a great job. Users have to be registered – thanks to all those who have registered in the last week or so but the spam still hits the servers even if it is blocked, the spam bots still look for the file or attempt to leave a comment and the activity is still registered and the server can’t deal with the overload.

I like being popular but not this popular. I am moving to a dedicated server account which is very much more expensive but hopefully this means that the problem will not happen again. It is costing me a pretty penny and must admit I am doing a huge re-think here. . .


  1. Can you tell me when take a stitch tuesday is going to start and will we be accessing it here? Thanks love Carol, sorry to hear about all your spam trouble.

    carol taylor
  2. hugs from Canada… Unfortunately once your a target its hard to convince bullies to “leave you alone!” Like other forms of bullying, its unclear what you can do to effect change in the other. You must be so disheartened… All I can offer from here is my prayers and solidarity 🙂

  3. Sharon, what a hole it is when you are out of touch! I check and read your site daily, feeling as if I am checking in on a family member. I am sure I am not alone. I really hope you can figure out a workable solution. If you need us to subscribe and help with funds, please let us know. I love this blog.


  4. Sharon, I’m sorry for the trouble you have been having. Too bad the spammers dont read your site and pick up a needle and thread. Much more rewarding!
    Hope you have a Happy and Healthy New Year and like many others I’m looking forward to TAST.
    Thank you!!

  5. Hi there Sharon,

    Sharon from Melbourne here – I had it in mind to ring you and let you know about your site last night when I couldn’t access it… I can imagine you must be re thinking – this constant ‘spamming’ must be driving you to distraction…It is a sad thing that a site such as yours suffers so often… You take care now…

  6. Sharon, I am very sorry to hear of your difficulties. I don’t understand what pleasure the spammers get from doing this? It is basically just vandalism, as sure as if they hurled a bucket of paint at a piece of your artwork, or smashed up your front yard – destruction for no personal gain – just – what? do they they pleasure from showing how ‘clever’ they are? A lot of us get a great deal of pleasure and benefit from your site – I suppose we shouldn’t forget that it all comes at a cost to you, and it looks like that cost just escalated significantly. Do what you have to do – I am sure everyone will support your decision.

    all the best
    Hilary (wasn’t if fabulous that we actually got RAIN yesterday – although not so good that it flooded the national museum and apparently destroyed an artist’s work).


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