I need a good hat

I need a good hat

When street performers wish each other luck they wish each other a ‘good hat’. At the moment I need a little support, so I have decided to put out a virtual hat and ask for donations towards supporting this site.

As to my recent problems with spam I want to make it clear that it is not the way WordPress blocks spam or the fault of my hosting company that is the problem. It is simply a huge amount of automated spam and bad luck that my site was targeted. It can happen to anyone.

Even though spam is blocked by software, the server where the site is housed still has to process the information and block it. When spam is blocked you don’t see it – it’s not in your hair because the software takes care of it for you. But in order to block it the requests still have to handled by the software. In other words, the server still has to process the data. The spam is automated so it is not any one individual, but a program written for the express purpose of leaving spam comments on the blog that is to blame. In the last week there was so much spam that this automated process nearly brought the server down.

Normally a number of sites are housed on a server. It’s a bit like living in the suburbs – everyone has their own little plot of land and they stick their house on that. Web site servers act the same – everybody has their own bit of space on the server.

Now I have moved to a dedicated server. What I have had to do is to buy the whole suburb. In other words a dedicated server means I am the only person on the server. It is expensive, but with this latest problem it is the only solution. It means the site will keep running. It costs a heck of alot more, as you can imagine, so I have decided to put out a virtual hat. If you think this busker is entertaining and you find the site worthwhile, perhaps you will consider making a small donation via paypal to maintaining the site. I need a good hat!


  1. HI Sharon,
    I would be glad to contribute on PayPal, I shall try again . You are a so marvellous person who does so much for us , you and your sites cannot be missed.

  2. Hi all thanks for trying and leaving comments
    I have contacted paypal to find out what is wrong – I am pretty sure my set up is correct so I am waiting on a response from them

    so just hold off until it is sorted –

  3. Sharon, as everyone else I’ve tried PayPal with no luck but will sure keep trying. I’ll be glad to make a monthly donation of whatever I can to keep you up and running. Hang in there we’re all with you!

  4. As soon as paypal is working again, I’ll be glad to chip in. I enjoy your blog, and especially want to be ready for Take a Stitch Tuesdays.

    I don’t understand spaming, and wouldn’t even know how to do it – but it doesn’t sound like a fun thing to do.


  5. Hi Sharon
    I don’t have access to paypal…is there anything else I can do to help? If you’d like I could send you some stash builders (which I know isn’t what you really need to keep the site running!) but I can’t think of another way. Any ideas?
    I love your site and all you do and would love to support it.

    Mary Anne
  6. Sharon,
    I would be delighted to contribute to your site as reading it is always a highlight of my day. I’m hoping that Paypal is just busy right now so I’ll keep trying…
    Thank you for providing such inspiration,

  7. Hi Sharon

    I too am having trouble getting to PayPal but will persevere as it is so worth it to have your site for my daily readings and for all the wonderful research you do and direct us to. Have to keep you up and going for our Tuesday stitching.


  8. Sharon, so sorry for the trouble you’ve been having. Your blog is the only one I read most days and I’m happy to make a donation. Hopefully the link to paypal is unavailable at the moment, because hundreds / thousands are doing likewise! I’ll keep trying. Best wishes.


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