The post is still delivering gifts.

The post is still delivering gifts.

I am sorry about the blog being down this morning we are still ironing out a few things.

I am pleased I am not ready to go on a diet after my Christmas indulgence just yet, as a packet of cookies arrived from Shay Toner . They may have survived the but they won’t last long in our house as both Jerry and I are cookie people and as Jerry pointed out he needs his energy for the activity that’s going on in the shed. Thanks goes out to Shay for a wonderful home made gift!

Marianne of Crazi Mari Scraps and Quilts sent a bag of goodies too. Doesn’t some of these bits of lace look as if they are just crying out to be dyed? So a big public thankyou for Marianne as it is always nice to receive a parcel of goodies.

On another note Leslie of Pinyon creek stitchin! has been running a tutorial on how to stitch a honey bee using cast on stitch and bullion stitch. Directions are illustrated with close detail photographs and explained. Crazy quilters will love this so don’t miss it.


  1. We worry because we are your friends and we care about you. Thank goodness you had the presence of mind to get the blog site just in case. I don’t know how Shay’s cookies made it there, but I’m impressed. And hungry. Just know that in addition to all the people who pop in to your site, you also have a core of real friends, announced or not, who are there for you, just as we would be for any other special person in our field. So now.

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