Keeping a Sketchbook

Keeping a Sketchbook

In my general surfing I found Jason Santa Maria’s views on Keeping a Sketchbook .

Designers need to be visual leeches, constantly cataloguing and recording information like a camera that’s always snapping photos. As designers we really never stop working, every thing thing we see, every thing we hear and experience shapes our creative process. A sketchbook serves as a physical repository for all of those outside stimuli.

It’s a brief but relevant article considering the recent discussions within the community of textile practitioners who are online.


  1. This was a good article, reminding me again you don’t need brilliant drawing skills i must keep remebering that. Always seem to be saying Thank you Sharon.


  2. Thanks for scouting out this great article, Sharon. And thanks to for all the round up yesterday. You gave such a great start with your beginning post on the herringbone stitch! I couldn’t explore a fraction of the ideas. That’s one reason why it is encouraging to see others stitchers’ work. I learn so much from seeing what everyone else has been doing.


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