Free Photo editing online service

Free Photo editing online service

While trawling around the web I discovered Picnik a free online photo editing service

You can load a photo from your computer or your Flickr site and edit it. Then save it for use. It is easy to pull photos straight from your Flickr account or you can enter the URL for any website that includes your blog.

Under the edit tab you can easily crop, rotate, resize, fix the exposure, adjust the colours, there is a red eye feature and best of all for stitchers sharpen.

There are some filters you can pass over the image under the creative tab. This is an area which is underdevelopment but something that I think could set it apart.

For those who are new to photo editing there is an undo feature so you do not have to worry about making a mistake. This is ideal for those who are learning as it takes the fear ‘of doing something wrong’. The ‘Undo’ feature can step backwards to its original state. I always think for those of us who put our foot in our mouths constantly wouldn’t it be nice if you could have an undo button for life.

They also have a blog which you may like to check out.

Picnik did not like Safari as a browser so I opened Firefox and everything was fine. I did not test it in Internet Explorer but since it is a popular browser I am assuming it works OK

Programs like this are ideal for some who need to quickly edit something before using the image. It really is impressively quick.

Update On the Possum: Last night Jerry managed to take a photo of a very disgruntled little fellow. For those who have not seen them they are about the size of the average cat.

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