On the mend

On the mend

Hi all I just wanted to thank everyone for their get well messages and emails. I am back home from hospital. There was a bit of a complication as when the gall bladder (with gall stones) was removed they discovered an abscess so I was in hospital a little longer than anticipated. It explains why I felt so darned ill but I am on the mend although still taking it very easy. Hopefully normal blogging will return in a few days.

While away Jerry has been approving comments and even discovered a sampler site. He blogged it here.

Once again thanks for all the lovely thoughts. I really appreciate it.


  1. Oh, goodie… you’re back! I was starting to worry because you were out of touch longer than expected. I’m glad they caught the abcess and didn’t have to go back in after it!

  2. Sharon, it’s wonderful to have an update and hear you’re on the mend. My thanks to Jerry for taking care of the blog comments and finding a sampler site for us all.

  3. Sharon,

    So glad you are on the mend and hope it is a fast recovery. How clever is Jerry finding the sampler site just off to look.

    Relax and enjoy your recovery time and get into a large stack of good books.



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