What I have been up to

What I have been up to

I have been putting a bit of time and energy into my other blog Mindtracks lately. I use it as a teaching tool. Some readers may be unaware of it but I teach web design at the Art school here in Canberra. Up until now I have used it to point my students to various online resources. I have decided to expand the topic area a little to cover not only blogging, digital media, computer graphics, web design but into other areas of the visual arts.

I often discover things online that do not fit into the topic of textiles yet I am sure that many readers here would enjoy them. If you are a reader who has in the past enjoyed reading about blogs and blogging, or enjoys the various links to museums and collections or some of the wacky sites I find you may enjoy my other blog.

Swing by, check it out, leave a comment on the site, I would love feedback on how it’s shaping up or how it can be improved. Spread the word if you think it worth while. (I would really appreciate that) As I say I would love feedback. It takes energy to write and although my students read it I would love to know if it has wider appeal to the general public. (I hate the term general public but I am sure you know what I mean)


  1. Thanks Elizabeth – its nice to get feedback on this other blog as I am not quite sure where I am going to take it. I figure since I am writing it i may as well try and make it useful to not just my students but to others too

    I am waving Susan – yes life is busy but I like it that way! After not being well I realise I am happiest when doing stuff!

  2. Sharon, just a word to say, thanks for mindtracks. I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading over there and it has been very helpful. I would never have begun to seek these out myself. It’s such a boon to have someone knowledgable skim the cream off the top and present it to me.

  3. Hey Sharon,
    Long time, no comment. 🙂 I have been a really bad blogger and am trying to set aside time to read my favorite blogs and update my own blog. My online classes are keeping me really busy, I don’t know how you keep up with 2 blogs and teach classes!!!
    big hugs,
    susan :>

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