Busy Morning

Busy Morning

It’s a busy morning here as Jerry is off to New Zealand for a few days and is bustling around. The news is that we did buy a video camera yesterday. Needless to say its going traveling. Jerry has blogged his reactions to using it in a review.

Why am I excited about the camera? I have been wanting to document Pulled and Drawn stitches which could be photographed but since half the technique of this type of stitching is in their tensioning a small video is ideal. The close ups on this camera are very good. What other stitches would people find useful in video? Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. Rene I had not tought of bullion roses – but of course and of course silk ribbon embroidery as those who are new hands always pull it too tight
    my list is starting to look very long!

    Mary thanks for the heads up on colonial knot – and the feed back on video as a format in general

  2. Funny, I just uploaded a colonial knot tutorial this morning – still waiting for it to process, but it’ll be posted on NeedleNThread by the end of the day.

    French knot is always easier when one can see it rather than read about it. I think it’s my most “looked-at” video tutorial.

    I’ve had a hard time manipulating bullion knots in front of the camera, but you’ll probably have better luck with it, Sharon. I still have hopes of adding it to my video library, though. One of these days, I’m going to get one of those really cool little mini-lighting studio areas. They’re great for stills, but I can see how they’d be useful for videos, too.

    I’ve been working on a series of long-and-short stitch shading videos, which I will edit into one long tutorial, but I hate it when they creep up to ten minutes or longer (like my lattice tutorial and padded satin stitch). I like Helen Stevens’s tutorial and master class videos she has online – though only the first one is free. They show the essentials of shading.

    Yep, people like video tutorials, that’s for sure. When I started doing them, I had no idea they would go over so well. I’m sure you’ll produce some really excellent learning tools, Sharon. Good luck!

  3. Hi Sharon,

    That Cast-on stitch was so challenging for me, perhaps other stitchers might find it useful to see a video of you demonstrating it.

    As always Sharon, thank you for the time you put into your blog each day!

    Pam Kellogg
  4. Allison – the garden is knee deep in weeds as we have had rain and I have not done anything because I have been not well – and the doctor has me not lifing thing – or pulling a wed for another two weeks – but a garden blitze may well be filmed
    the studio? well theres not a lot to see but its a good idea

    Mumherm – colonial knot is a good idea – probably french lknots, and bullion knots, caston stitch and drizzle are all good candidates too – I will start list! What else do people want?

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