Skeleton Leaves

Skeleton Leaves

If you have ever wondered about how to make skeleton leaves this site gives you instructions.

I was agonising over this link trying to decide if it was off topic then decided that since leaves are fiber it was OK. It also fits into the paperarts category as many people who are interested in visual journals, altered books, ATCs (Artists Trading Cards) and handmade postcards will find the information of value.

Then I discovered Make A Skeleton Leaf for your Altered Book and that clinched it

Each link provides a different recipe for the process.


  1. I am glad you decided this was not too “off topic” to post – blog posts about these sort of things are often the most interesting …
    – I decided to go look at these links now because not only are they interesting for me to use on art quilty stuff/etc, but they might also be useful for science classes here at the school I work at (I am the science assistant)
    hmmm … talking about work … yes that is where I am now … so I suppose I really should go and actually DO some work shortly – lol
    The first site has a lot of other interesting textile stuff on it too – I found links to all sorts of stuff when I decided I just had to look at the link about how to re-use old toothbrushes … stuff about revamping your old clothing, making toothbrush bracelets and computer chip ear rings and stuff, “distressing” denim jeans, and even how to make a duct tape wallet!
    I have not even looked at the second link yet … LOL

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