Bead Journal Project fabric postcard

Bead Journal Project fabric postcard

I am not sure if people have been following the flow of work in progress reports on the
2007 Bead Journal Project blog but there has been some fantastic work done.

Here I am shooting through the door at the moment with my contribution for the month. I cheated a little as all month have been working samples and writing the Sumptuous surfaces workshop which starts on the 11th of July. This is one of the fabric postcard size sample pieces.

It is heavily embroidered and beaded to produce a highly textured piece. I really enjoyed working around the sliced shells. I didn’t blog the work in progress as the techniques are part of the Sumptuous surfaces workshop.

Here is a close up of the beading.

A larger version of the card is to be found on my flickr site . As I was making it I realised that it was also met the requirements for the 6 x 4 Lives challenge. I have not done anything with this challenge since I got sick at the start of the year. It got dropped when I was sick, then energy levels took a while to return so I haven’t participated in the challenge for a while. As I stitched I decided I would participate again. So I met two challenges with one fabric post card!

I will be away from the computer for a couple of days as we are taking a trip to Sydney. As many readers know Jerry my partner, plays in a band. This weekend Full Circle has a booking at a Bollywood festival . I am afraid I could not miss out on a Celtic-Australian folk band playing at such an event! We plan to go down to Sydney then take a break for a few days. I will be back on Tuesday with my weekly stitch.


  1. Hi Sharon, I have been following the BJP blog and am really impress with the pages that are being produced. So many different ideas and so many different styles.

    I love your postcard, it truely is sumptuous. I am amazed how much texture you are able to create.


  2. Oh, my, goodness! That is spectacular. I particularly like the ribbon (?) flowers, though if I was stitching a shell/beach motif, I would not have thought of that. The rest of it is incredibly beachy, especially the “wave marks” stitching at the top.

  3. Hi Dy – you can buy them Barbara at said she was going to get some in for the sumptuous surfaces class but I feel sure she would sell some to you if you asked and if she has enough etc You could drop her a line and find out.

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