Snippits of news

Snippits of news

Hello! Waving from down under again! I admit a tissue box is not far from me but my fingers are bouncing on the keyboard even if my body is not. Bouncing that is – not necessarily on the keyboard but around the house.

Firstly thanks for all the get well comments and emails I appreciate them. Stuff like that is nice to receive and cheered me up. So big non-germy hugs all round.

OK I had better settle down and get on with some odd bits of news. Annie of Annies Crazy World dropped me an email to tell me of great resource that has been published in full over on the Quilter’s Muse. In they published Straight Talk About Quilt Care which was used in teaching venues and museums and in the quilt world. Quilter’s Muse have placed the whole book online free, here . Check it out it is a great resource!

I received an email from Mary-Frances Main of Frequently Wrong but Never in Doubt to say that due to time commitments she has to give up her role as moderator on the Bloggers who Embellish webring and asked if anyone can take it over.

Mary-Frances emailed everyone in the ring and in the space of a day a group has formed to work together on it. If you feel you can help out please contact Mary-Frances who is immensely thankful and thrilled at the way everyone has pitched in.

While I am on the subject of TAST. I don’t often highlight blogs from the Take a stitch Tuesday challenge but I really wanted to point people to Elizabeth’s Quieter Moments as she is doing some fantastic stuff with this weeks stitch crested chain.

Note This post was corrected as I miss read Mary Francis email and thought she was referring to the Take a Stitch Tuesday Ring. The ring she needs help with is Bloggers who Embellish

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