The Comfort Doll Project

The Comfort Doll Project

I am sure many of my readers here will be aware that Pat Winter has been running a charity project and gathering comfort dolls in order to send them out to womens shelters. The Comfort Doll Project is well underway and Pat is calling for more dolls from the community downunder. So I am writing to give the community a bit of a prod. Jo in New Zealand is the Kiwi/Aussie coordinator for this so please get out those threads, beads, needles and special scraps and make a comfort doll for a worthy cause.

You can find a full description of the project and eye candy on Pats Site here

The guidelines state that:

I am extending an open invitation worldwide to anyone who wants to make a small (6″ or less) doll of any type. Beaded Crazy quilted, Art doll, in any form, person, goddess, cat, mermaid, dog, rabbit,etc. I ask that it be 6″ or less so it can be carried with ease. You can make a face or leave face blank, add charms, lace, stitching, beads, anything you wish. Make it cheerful! You may include a note if you desire, I will be adding a note to all dolls. You may also submit a name(s) of shelter for consideration to receive a batch of dolls. I will be shipping a dozen dolls to each shelter as they arrive. I will also document on this page where the dolls have gone, who made them, and add photos when they arrive. Jo Newsham kindly agreed to collect dolls from New Zealand, Australia, and anyone closer to that area for distribution there. Please contact me and I will forward to Jo. I will collect for the US and Canada.

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