Sketchbooks on YouTube


  1. Thanks for posting this for us all to watch. What an astonishing piece of film – a real pleasure to sit back and watch.
    Yes, I agree about the impulse to get the sketchbook out and get some drawing done. Ah for even a little of the talent this artist has………

  2. Sharon, when that finished I said “WOWWW” out loud, the cat thought I was crazy ! That was absolutely mesmerizing, wasn’t it? I used to draw quite well but I’m really out of practise. I really appreciate people who draw and paint so well, and this artist is able to use his/her natural talent combined with modern technology to achieve the fantastic result. Will have to see if there are more examples around now of this work. Thanks so much for sharing the link, have had a bad week with hubby laid up with sciatic nerve pain flare up, not much fun for either of us (except the communal showering bit!)

    Hooroo, Christine.

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