Morning Cuppa

Morning Cuppa

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Make yourself a cuppa as I felt the urge for another round up of what I have spotted on the blogs lately.

Firstly Annie has written a tutorial on how to make shisha from old CDS . Check it out you will see how easy it is and while there don’t miss what she has been doing with shisha over a number of posts here and Annie has included a peek into her visual journal here

While I am on the subject of TAST I have to give full marks to Glaucia of Libélulas na Janela as even though we are so far into the challenge she has embarked on it here . Swing by and leave a comment as the woman deserves at least that, if not a gold star!

A big thanks goes out to Sabrina of Historical Embroideress copes with modern world as she updated her blogroll. Sabrina normally writes about historical textiles but swing over and check out her crazy quiliting.

While I am on the topic please spread the word that this blog has moved and if you can grab a few moments update your blogroll as people are still leaving comments on the old blog – even about TAST which indicates they don’t necessarily go to the front of the blog! Many people only swing by once a week or every few weeks and I am trying to get the word out about the move. Of course regular readers know its now almost old news but for many people the news has not filtered through. If you do update your blogroll leave a comment as I would like to give a public thanks and link.

As you can see I have been updating the blogroll. I still have a few more to add but most of them are there. Some new blogs have been added and some have been dropped off. Any blog that had not been active in the last 6 weeks I have assumed had stopped blogging. Also I have restricted the list to those blogs that mainly write about textiles or visual journals. I find I don’t read blogs that drift off topic too much, so blogs which have changed direction were not added as this means there is more room for new blogs to be added.I haven’t completely finished this task so keep your eyes on it over the next few weeks.

In my checking and listing I discovered there were some posts not to missed. The first is Fiona’s Love fibre . Recently Fiona has been mucking about in her visual journal. Check it out for some great print ideas.

While I am on the topic check out the interesting work going on in Zaz’s Journal

Also for anyone wanting to increase their drawing skills Juli of Orange Rug Yarn Musings has proposed a challenge to Draw Something Every Day. It is an excellent way to establish a habit and develop your eye.

On a blog I have been reading more frequently, I also spotted a great quick tutorial on how to Add A Detachable Shoulder Strap To Any Open-Top Tote from Joan of Lazy Girl

Well I am still organising things around here and shifting images. It’s a slow process but quite interesting to go back through the blog – Gosh I have chattered a lot over what is now years!

I do have a question. What do people think of Snap Preview? That is the feature that displays an image of the website page when you mouse over a link. Do you like it or does it annoy you? I can turn it off if it interferes with reading. Leave a comment and let me know as I am in two minds about it.


  1. Thanks for the link on your blog list, Sharon!

    Nope, I don’t like the snap preview, either. If I didn’t move my mouse around so much while I’m reading, it probably wouldn’t be a big deal, but I do have that bad habit, so I get a lot of the little clicky pop-ups.

    But even if you kept it enabled, I’d still be back!

  2. Snap preview:- nope I really dont like it..not quite enough to go to the bother of turning it off but it is too small a window and I just like quick links. Sometimes I have seen something in sanp preview and thought “no I wont bother to look then” but latter or by another rout have seen the same thing and because the scale has changed feel differently about what I am looking at. So though its a good idea in theory in practice its more of a hinderance for me.

  3. Thanks so much for the link to Draw Something Every Day – it sounds like just the kind of challenge I need. And thanks also for mentioning my blog – I appreciate it.

    Snap Preview – personally I don’t like it, I like the idea of a preview but I don’t like the way the window covers the surrounding text in practice. So I just have it disabled for all sites and I never see them :-). I remember I did have to go to the Snap site to turn it off – the ‘options’ didn’t work (I think because of the way my cookie preferences are set).

  4. Sharon –

    Thanks for mentioning my Draw Something Every Day challenge! I really appreciate it! I’m really hoping that quilters, embroiderers and other fiber artists will decide to take part, since in large part I’m doing this because I think it will help me be a better embroidery designer!

    I love your blog round-ups too!


  5. Just wanted to pop in and thank you for an old post on how you get so much done. I have always had a problem with design; I always wanted to just do-not plan. I have started breaking down my cq’s into 7inch patches and stitching the fabric onto muslin and popping it into a plastic baggie with the embellishments for that block…wish me luck!

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