Studies in Western Tapestries

Studies in Western Tapestries

Studies in Western Tapestries describes itself as “a survey of tapestry news and current tapestry research”. Aimed at art historians, historians and all tapestry weavers the site houses extensive information and scholarly articles on tapestries. Published by Guy Delmarcel and Koenraad Brosens, of the Université Catholique de Louvain.

The study of Western tapestry has been booming since the 1980s. Pioneering exhibition catalogues as well as important studies disclosing tapestry collections in both the USA and Europe were published. As a result, the nineteenth-century classification of tapestry as a mere branch of the applied or decorative arts has been proven inaccurate. Art historians now fully recognize that tapestry indeed ranks among the beaux-arts or the fine arts. Studies in Western Tapestry presents a specific setting for tapestry studies. Thorough analyses of production centres, important tapestry sets, prolific tapestry designers, iconographic themes, and historical collections are published in this series. The studies focus on Western tapestry produced between c. 1400 and 1960.

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